United Against Terrorism

Terrorism only stops if we threaten to boycott terrorism-sponsoring countries Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and United Arab Emirates. Consumer boycotts devastate their economies forcing them to stop sponsoring terrorism. Boycotts start at the earliest in December 2016 for countries not fulfilling our requests.

Terrorists are finished without sponsors. No funding, no supplies, no customers and no moral support will isolate and paralyze terrorists. Making it impossible for them to conduct wars and carry out attacks.

We need you and every other consumer to become a Human Guardian. Only that is going to make Saudi Arabia and allies unmistakably understand that we don’t allow them to destroy us human beings and humanity. We request respectfully to:

  • Stop supporting armed rebels and terrorists everywhere.
  • Stop demanding regime change in Syria.
  • Withdraw from Yemen and to stop any interference.
  • Pay damages to Syria, Yemen and Iraq.
  • Abandon Wahhabi doctrine and teachings.
  • To fully respect all non-violent Muslim branches.

We also request respectfully all Grand Muftis to issue a Fatwa that armed rebel and terrorist activities and support of it are anti-Islam.

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If you would like to get more involved, we welcome all help. It would be great if you make your support public to friends, neighbors, colleagues, in a press conference, talk show, local newspaper or radio station, on the internet and social media. Let your voice be heard. Your call on other people to become a supporter is crucial. Please go ahead!