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Positioning Fake-Islam Wahhabism

Wahhabism is a Fake-Islam religious sect that likes to describe itself as an ultraconservative reform movement, but it isn’t that at all. This vile sect is distorting Prophet Mohamed’s Islam and his teachings. It brainwashes Muslims into intolerance, into violence and even terrorism. Wahhabis like to call themself euphemistic Salafi. Wahhabism is confounded by Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab who leaned on Ibn Taymiyyah also a very controversial Islam theologian of the 14th century. Their extreme opinions fundamentally deviate from Mohamed’s Islam.


Wahhabism, Salafism, Deobandism and Brotherhood

The origins of Wahhabism are in Saudi Arabia. Salafism and Brotherhood originated in Egypt. Deobandism was founded in India. Salafism, Deobandism and Brotherhood are all strongly influenced by Wahhabism, mainly because money directs and radicalizing is a seductive greed. Indeed, the Wahhabi Gulf States have lots of money: hundreds of billions of dollars. These Nations, more or less under guidance of Saudi Arabia, are determined to achieve their goal of replacing Mohamed’s Islam with the murderous-intolerant Wahhabism or alike. From the beginning aware that it will take many, many decades.

In the 70’s Salafism was incorporated by Saudi Arabia. The incorporation of Deobandism started at the same time and is still going on. Their schools, madrasas, mosques and clerics are financed by the Wahhabi States. The teachings follow the Wahhabi curriculum and delivers Deobandi-Wahhabi followers like the Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Wahhabi Nations financed and supported the Taliban in conquering Afghanistan and still do. Later on Brotherhood got, and still is, under the guidance of the Wahhabi rulers of Qatar and Kuwait.

The main principles of Wahhabism are:

  1. Only Wahhabism (Salafism/Deobandism/Brotherhood) followers are true believers in God. All others like Sunni Muslim, Shia Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jew and other faiths as well as atheists are apostate. These non-believers can be killed.
  1. The leader of the Dynastic clan possesses absolute authority over everybody and everything including the application of the law on people living within the jurisdiction of the Saudi Kingdom or another Wahhabi State.
  1. " Those who do not conform to this view should be killed, their wives and daughters raped and their possessions confiscated.”

Brotherhood aka Ikhwan doesn’t adhere point 2 and 3, but it executes point 1 mercilessly to non-Muslims and to Muslims opposing their doctrine or lead.

It’s remarkable that Prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali, his son in law, for a second time warns against the rise of the Fake-Islam doctrine and its terrorists. In Kitab Al Fitan, a compilation of Islam Hadiths, Imam Ali recalled Mohamed saying:

“If you see the black flags, then hold your ground (don’t join them) and don’t move your hands or your feet (don’t support them).

A people will come forth who are (morally) weak and indecent. Their hearts are like blocks of iron (ruthless). They are the people of the Dynasty (Saudi cs Dynasty). They do not keep a promise or a treaty.
They call to the truth (Allah) but they are NOT his people. Their nicknames are like Abu Mohammed and their last names related to their hometowns. Their hair is loose like women’s hair. Within, they differ and fight among themselves (like Saudi-UAE against Qatar).

Thereafter, Allah will bring the truth by the one He wills.”

Originally Deobandism was not aggressive. However, influenced by Wahhabism, it started to follow its principles. Now most of Deobandism, like Wahhabism and Salafism, contradicts the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed fundamentally. Propagating and executing the deadly-intolerant Wahhabi doctrine.

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE have all the Fake-Islam Wahhabism, Salafism or Brotherhood as their leading religious doctrine. These Fake-Islam doctrines have become very influential after so many decades of investing the spreading of it throughout the world. Inspiring the ideology of Fake-Islam terrorists worldwide.




However Prophet Mohamed’s Teachings dictate:

  • “Nobody is allowed to kill, only in (actual) self-defense.”
  • “All who believe in God like Christian, Jew, Magis and Sabier and are virtuous don’t have to fear (the after life)”. So people with other religions are believers and have to be respected."
  • “A Muslim has to give shelter and food to any person in need whether he is Muslim or not. It’s not allowed to pressure this person into believing. His choice has to be respected.” So non-believers have to be respected.

All four sects abuse the Islam religion as a pretext for their quest for power. All do NOT follow the teachings and intentions of Prophet Mohammed. They are NOT-Muslim. They are misbelievers who worship the murderous-intolerant ideology of Al Wahhab.

Prophet Mohammed: Nobody is allowed to kill, only in (actual) self-defense

In many countries with a Muslim population are moderate Islamic political parties. These political parties are more or less similar to Christian political parties in Europe. A problem that can arise with some of these parties is their negative interpretation of the Sharia law. The religious interpretation by Wahhabi, Deobandi, Salafi and Brotherhood narrows the Sharia nearly solely to punishment. Instead of reading it as a wake-up call and encouragement to do the morally right, as Mohamed teaches. They don't pair the Sharia with the ultimate believe in the goodness and love of God (Allah) for us, human beings.

A lack of tolerance towards other religions outside and within the Islam religion can also be a problem. However, the latter has happened in the past and still happens with some people who have a Christian or other religious background. Some western politicians still fit in this intolerance category.

Kingdom of Saud


Historical Pact Ibn Saud and Al Wahhab

The Saudi clan was originally a small tribe located in Najd in central Arabia. The emergence of the Saudi’s began around 1744 when Muhammad Ibn Saud joined forces with a local religious leader Abd al-Wahhab, the founder of Wahhabism. Back then Ibn Saud and Muhammad Al Wahhab put together the Saudi-Wahhabi doctrine. This alliance provided a powerful ideological driving force to expand the Saudi power base: Convert to the Wahhabi doctrine and submit to the absolute authority of the Saudi Kingdom or die and have your possessions confiscated. This very successful inhuman ideology remains the basis of the Saudi dynastic rule today.
In the 18th, 19th and 20th century, the Saudi clan conquered much of Arabia. Thousands of people in Arabia, Jordan and Iraq were slaughtered under the Wahhabism banner in these centuries.

Nowadays, the Saudi Kingdom is repeating its despotic family history. But it doesn’t do most cruelties by itself anymore. Together with its Wahhabi States allies it has a wide arsenal of Wahhabi, Salafi, Brotherhood and Deobandi terrorist groups like: Al Qaeda, HTS, ISIS/Daesh, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab and Taliban. Together with the other Wahhabi States, it funds Wahhabi and alike terrorists. (See Wahhabi States Terrorism Doctrine)

True Muslims do not support the murderous teachings of Wahhabism and the Kingdom of Saud. That’s why countries like Indonesia are very vigilant towards Wahhabi adherents from the Wahhabi madrasas.

Wahhabi mosques all over the world are financed by the Wahhabi Gulf States. All who are a threat to public safety come from these communities in Germany.

Germany’s vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel Dec. 6, 2015

But hypocrite Main Stream Politician Sigmar Gabriel continues the close relationship with the Wahhabi Gulf States

Fake-Islam Wahhabism: a Satan faith

Wahhabism only considers Wahhabi and alike sect members as true. Other Muslims, like Shia, Sufi and Ahmadiyya, are apostates to them. Out of political considerations, Wahhabism still accepts moderate Sunnis and moderate Sunni-dominated countries. However, Wahhabi, Salafi and Deobandi clerics abroad push Muslims towards their extreme principles. Terrorists in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Africa force moderate Sunnis to bend to these murderous principles. If not, they will likely be killed and their wives and daughters raped and used as sex slaves. Is that a choice?

Wahhabi, Salafi and Deobandi clerics abroad force people to adhere their extreme principles

The Saudi Arabia Kingdom, supported by its Wahhabi State allies, is regularly escalating religious tensions between Wahhabi and Shia. It disapproves, demonizes and even demolishes relics of Shia and other Mohamed’s Islam strains Christian churches, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist temples are forbidden in Saudi Arabia, without exception. Openly expressing a different faith is forbidden too. Conversion from Islam to another faith like Christianity is punished by death. That’s so opposite of the teachings of Mohamed that Wahhabism truly can be called Satanic. Indeed, that’s why so many Sunni scholars paint Wahhabism as a Satan faith.

Now the Syrian terrorism war seems to be lost for the Wahhabi States, Saudi Arabia has become pragmatic. It has started to ease the build up tensions with Iran. However, still falsely accusing Iran of terrorism and supporting ISIS and al Qaeda.

Sunni scholars paint Wahhabism as a Satan faith.

Wahhabism Has No Civil Rights

Wahhabism doesn’t allow free speech against the Wahhabi governments. Speaking up against it, even peacefully, is under risk of execution. This happened in 2016 to Saudi Arabian Shia scholar Nimr al-Nimr, a prominent non-violence and civil rights promoter, who was beheaded. Regularly, like now in August 2017, non-violent protesters are sentenced to death, often beheaded. The Saudi Kingdom and the other Wahhabi States are despotic in nearly everything. They belong to the worst regimes in the world regarding human rights. Nevertheless, Western Main Stream Politicians hypocritically engage actively with them. Money directs their tongue and actions.

Wahhabism has a very un-Islamic disrespect and subordination of women and women's rights. Actually, Prophet Mohammed was the first one in the Western hemisphere who expressed the rights of women explicitly and abundantly. Fake-Islam Wahhabism almost completely ignores these rights.

Wahhabi funding

Hegemony Goal Wahhabi Gulf States

Wahhabi States have been pulling the strings in its pursuit for hegemony and regime changes in the Middle East for decades. Why this behavior?
The short-term (0-15 years) goal of the Wahhabi Gulf States was ruling the Islam world in the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent and Central and North Africa together with its resources and its access to Europe.

This goal is much more difficult than originally thought back in 2010. President Assad’s request for help by the Russians changed the situation in Syria dramatically. Now President Assad is winning Syria surely back from the terrorists and their sponsors, despite the billions of dollars and weapons the Wahhabi States provided to the Syrian terrorists. All these actions supported by the USA, EU and MSM.
Also Yemen happened to be much more difficult to conquer. Two years of bombing, attacking with ground troops and starvation of the Yemeni population hasn’t brought a victory nearer, only a stronger Al Qaeda and ISIS. Even the fact, that the Saudi led coalition is supported by the USA, UK and France.
President Putin blocked the conquering of Syria. The BRICS Nations with China and India are uniting against Wahhabi terrorism as well as some Asean countries that started to cooperate in curbing Wahhabism and its terrorism doctrine. Then with president Trump in power now, terrorism will be even more difficult to conduct for the Wahhabi States. That’s why US Deep State, Neo-Cons, Neo-Libs and Democrats use all means to get President Trump out of office. Nevertheless, these anti-terrorism efforts are pushing the short term Wahhabi goal up to mid-term years (15-50 years from now).

To support its hegemony goal the Wahhabi States have:

  • Invested over one hundred billion dollars in Wahhabi boarding schools, mosques and clerics in countries with a Muslim population, for decades. They still fund these terrorist-raising schools. The Wahhabi Gulf States have created Wahhabi, Brotherhood, Wahhabi-Deobandi and Salafi societies throughout the world. An extremely worrisome development.
  • Invested and created investment funds of trillions of US dollars to make other countries dependent and appeasing to Wahhabi goals.
  • Bought military and other equipment to force Western and other nations not to oppose the terrorism and geographical doctrine of the Wahhabi States.

Syria was a peaceful country. No underlying tensions. Al Qaeda and Brotherhood were there from the 1st week on. Assad said these were terrorists. Assad said these were terrorists.” Why did nobody believe him? “The heads of the people were not open. A lot of it was steered by outsiders, namely the Gulf States.

 V. Haran, former Ambassador of India to Syria
Jan. 11, 2016

Alliance with the USA

From the 20th century on, the Saudi clan and later the Wahhabi Gulf States allies also, understood that alliances with Western forces are a great opportunity to expand influence and power. The discovery of vast oil reserves in the Shi’ite region of Al-Ahsa in 1938 and in the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain gave the Wahhabi Gulf States increasing leverage. Gradually they built up a strong alliance with the USA.

The USA, being their biggest oil client, gave the Wahhabi Gulf States the chance to increase its influence in world politics. The world dominance ambitions of most of the US political elite enabled the Wahhabi Gulf States to act as a cooperative subordinate. The Wahhabi States under Saudi’s leadership managed to guide US policy for decades towards their own goals. The Wahhabi Gulf States initiated, stimulated and/or supported regime changes in Syria, Afghanistan (Soviet Union), Iraq (Saddam Hussein), Libya (Gaddafi) and Iran (overthrow government 1953/sanctions).

Western Politics


The USA and EU are only limited aware of Wahhabi Gulf States own goals and/or underestimate their determination and tenacity grossly. We view the USA and EU as naïve and blinded by hegemony greed.

Over the last fifteen years the Main Stream Politicians (MSP) of the US has guided Western politics totally. The EU became stronger in numbers but in its independence never. Only under Gerhard Schroeder, Germany had a short-lived independent voice. Even France has become a complete vassal of the US-MSP after the Presidency of Jacques Chirac. Sarkozy and Hollande were puppets on a string for the US-MSP. The new President Emmanuel Macron doesn’t seem to be very different, but that is not clear yet.

Lack of Morality

Most of our western politicians and media elite is watching the unfolding of the Middle East holocaust. Just like they did with the Rwanda massacre. As a normal citizen, you keep asking yourself regularly: Where is their moral care for millions of children, mothers, elderly and fathers who are forced to undergo these atrocious ordeals? Their lives sacrificed on the altar of desired regime change by Wahhabi States heavily supported by Western governments.

Sadly, we have to conclude that the Western Main Stream Politicians (MSP), Deep State and Main Stream Media (MSM) have no genuine moral care at all.

Therefore the Wahhabi States with help of USA’s MSM, MSP and Deep State managed to damage the image of President Assad severely. From 2011 the Western world perceived as a ruthless dictator. After Assad’s military victories (with the help of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah) most of the Western world view Assad as irreplaceable for now. China, India and Russia have had always a much more positive view of President Assad.

It is really difficult to see what is propaganda and true facts. Our point of view is that nations, officials and other people who have committed war crimes or called for Regime Change have to be brought to justice accordingly. Heads of States should not be excluded from it.

Beside the above, we all can know two facts for sure. Syria under President Assad is a country with total freedom of religion. Ethnic minorities and the Sunni majority hold top positions in crucial government sectors, even the fact that Syria has limited political freedom. 

The Wahhabi States suppress all of these freedoms. These Nations jail or even behead people if they speak up against their government. So not only Syria but also the Wahhabi Gulf States should be held accountable for inhuman imprisonments, lack of Human Rights, supporting and encouraging terrorism and so on.

Refugee Crisis

Mainstream EU leaders supported the overthrow of Libya’s ruler Gaddafi and President Assad of Syria. Their shocking incompetence did not foresee the consequences of their irresponsible actions. This has led and is still leading to tens of millions of refugees from the Middle East and Africa trying to get to Europe. An estimated 30-50 million are expected. Gadhafi warned for it several times. But the EU politicians chose to ignore him. Instead they removed Gadhafi, being the buffer and provider of infrastructure and peace in Central Africa. Nelson Mandela called Gadhafi “my brother”, which is food for thoughts.
The 11 million Syrian refugees, their needs and the undercover terrorists are a big headache for the EU. The EU leaders don’t know how to handle it and are internally divided. Even the fact that most of the brunt is taken by Turkey, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.


In September 2015 Russia severely disrupted Wahhabi States’ aim to get Syria under its control. Iran and Hezbollah delivered the ground troops while Russia brought in air power and logistical support. The ‘battle’ position of President Assad changed dramatically from loosing the terrorism war into getting the upper hand. President Putin is firmly on his side by expressing regularly that the Syrian people have to decide by themselves who is ruling their country, not foreign powers.

Hegemonists and Consensualists

Until recently, the political world was divided into two main streams: Left and Right. With the implosion of the Soviet Union and a diminishing blue-collar workforce the real world is not divided in Left and Right anymore.
Nowadays, we have Consensualists (also called Moderates) and Hegemonists (also called Hawks). These cross the lines of, outdated but still existing, left and right wing parties. In the USA, Democratic neo-liberals are teaming up with Republican neo-conservatives. In Europe the situation is more or less the same. 

  • Consensualists stand for a balanced power sharing between countries and prosperity for all. They don’t want war and its killings.
  • Hegemonists find themselves exceptional and want world domination for the USA and its partners by any means, as well as prosperity for the happy few. For them wars, color revolutions, terrorism, military interventions are appropriate means to achieve hegemony.

Terrorists are used against
Russia and China

Hegemonists see China and Russia and India as their true enemies. They are proponents of using Wahhabi, Salafi, Brotherhood and Deobandi terrorists against the interests of Russia, China and India with no regards to the ‘collateral damage’. Hegemonists often call the terrorist attacks in their own countries like 9/11, Paris, Brussels, London and Berlin "a small price to pay for being a superpower".

Actually they hand out a lot of hegemony to the Wahhabi Gulf States. Take a look at Kosovo in Europe. The USA split it off from Serbia. For many years now there has been an ongoing stealth attempt by the Wahhabi sect to take over the moderate Muslim society of this Islamite country.

Currently, EU’s Main Stream Politicians have hegemonistic views. The majority of the USA Congress is hegemonistic. Most administrations included Obama’s had a hegemon approach.

President Trump had as presidential candidate a consensualistic view. But as the president of the US he is not able to carry that out. Relentlessly and heavily opposed by Main Stream Politicians, like Neo-Cons, Neo-Libs, Deep State, Main Stream Media, Democrats and by an increasing number in his own administration and many Republicans in Congress, President Trump seems to have caved in. In his Foreign Policy he is now following Main Stream Politicians. Thus cooperating with ISIS, bullying North Korea, cooperating closely with Saudi Arabia and UAE against Yemen and Iran. Regarding Russia he has become a lame duck unable to do anything against the orchestrated Russia-hysteria.

Nevertheless, in May 2017 President Trump has managed to corner the Wahhabi States, in expressing not to tolerate terrorism support anymore and by demanding to recall and change the Wahhabi text books, also those of their madrasas. Whether the Wahhabi States will keep their promises has to be seen of course. Wahhabi States are masters in circumventing promises and agreements. Also in May 2017 President Trump has stopped the 4 year long undercover CIA and Pentagon support-project of Syrian terrorists. But now in October 2017, as said above, President Trump is nearly totally cornered by Main Stream Politicians. US’ terrorist support has been picked up again and this will very likely continue. So instead of working to together with Russia on fighting terrorism President Trump is forced to enhance terrorism against Russia, Syria and others.