A lot of assertions are brought up about how terrorist groups finance their operations in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen. Most of these assertions are wrong and exaggerations. That’s why we put in detail the costs of operating a terrorist group and income from possible resources. It shows us that their own resources like local taxes and criminal activities are not enough to support military campaigns of ISIS, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram and other terrorist groups. The militairy campaigns of terrorists are only viable if there is a constant year over year stream of huge external funding.

Kidnapping and Extortion

There is a persistent tale that terrorists finance their operations through extortions, antiquity sales, kidnappings, taxes and bank heists. One thing is clear the ISIS $430 million Mosul heist never happened. It was Fake News and part of the desinformation campaign about the financial resources of terrorists. Now let’s take the other mentioned money sources for terrorists. Kidnappings, indeed quite some kidnappings have taken place. Usually the amounts are limited. But kidnapping Europeans especially in Africa happened to be quite lucrative. According to the New York Times it delivered terrorist groups like Al Qaeda in a six years period $125 million: $21 million per year. That’s a lot of money but not enough for a professional terrorist group like Al Qaeda. Antiques deliver one time profits but not a constant stream of income. Extortion and Taxes are much more viable sources of income, but with an economy spiralling down in Syria, Yemen and Iraq it delivers tens of millions of dollars, but not hundreds of millions. All in all, these potential sources of income deliver millions of dollars per year, but not the necessary yearly stream of billions of dollars needed for upholding well equiped and motivated terrorist groups.

Terrorists Cost Billions 

Terrorists are expensive but their costs are much less than those of a regular US soldier. The costs of a US soldier on active duty in a war like Afghanistan are around $3,500 a day based on numbers of the Pentagon/CSBA. These numbers are telling us the following: Per soldier in average $1,3million a year (356 days x $3.500) for the years 2008-2013 applied to the war in Afghanistan. In the period that there were 65.000 soldiers active in Afghanistan cost $85 billion per year. In the period that there were 150.000-180.000 soldiers active, the costs are: $190 to $230 billion per year.

These cost are enormous and weigh (to) heavy on the US budget. Thus it’s important to lessen the expenses. Possible by using Wahhabi-sect influenced terrorists, who falsely call themselves: Fighters for God (Allah in Arabic). The use of Wahhabi-sect influenced terrorists has been experienced with the Taliban in the 70’s and 80’s of the last century against the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan. That was a huge military success although one of the sprouts became Al Qaeda, responsible for 9/11, and the Taliban happened to be merciless killer rulers.

Nevertheless, the costs of operating terrorists dwarf against those of US soldiers. The costs of a terrorist are conservatively estimated around $150 a day included necessities like ammunition (200 bullets: $100), weapons, clothing, food, housing, care of wounded terrorists and salaries. That is give and take 5% of a US soldier. So These costs are peanuts against those of a regular US soldier.

Estimations put the amount of terrorists in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Africa between 150.000 and 180.000.  The yearly costs of it are between: $8.2 billion and $ 9.8 billion a year. For terrorist groups it’s absolutely impossible to acquire yearly hundreds of millions of US dollars, let alone billions of US dollars. Before looking for the providers of these billions of dollars, we would like to dismantle the ISIS self-financing fairy tale.

ISIS Finance Tale

Some are saying that ISIS has oil money. Indeed ISIS conquered oil fields in Syria and Iraq in 2014 and lost some in 2016 and all in the second half of 2017. However, even ISIS has never been able to fund itself with only oil revenues, as we will show hereunder. ISIS has between 30.000 to 50.000 terrorists. So ISIS needs between $ 1.6 billion and $2.7 billion a year to uphold its military capability. Can ISIS receive these amounts from selling oil on the black market?

Let’s calculate the oil revenues of ISIS. One oil tanker truck, transporting the oil to Turkey, Kurdistan or Jordan (the only possible oil client and transit countries) contains 150-200 barrels of oil. In 2014 with high oil prices, more oil fields in Iraq and no bombing, ISIS had considerable funding out of their oil sales. An optimistic consideration is that ISIS can put 300-400 trucks on the road per day.

It totals to around 70.000 barrels per day at a maximum average price of $30 a barrel. (30% of average oil barrel price of $100, no bombing risk) This mounts to $765 million per year. That is a lot of money. But it is only 28% to 50% of the $2.7 to $1.6 billion billion that ISIS needs to finance its operations.

In 2015 the average barrel price went down to $50. For ISIS: $15 per barrel. It delivered an income of $380 million, covering much less of ISIS finance needs. In 2016 each barrel yields maximal $10 (big bombing risk; the average oil barrel price 2016: $40). That would be $255 million a year if nothing goes wrong. However, since end of 2015 Russia, the USA and allies (serious somewhere in 2016) are bombing ISIS’ oil trucks regularly. So deduct conservatively 30%. Then ISIS would get around 178 million a year. It leaves a huge finance hole of at least $1.4 billion.

Based on the these numbers we can rightfully conclude that terrorist groups only can exist if they are financed by external sources supported, organized and/or tolerated by governments. The above explains the shortage of revenues for ISIS starting in 2e half of 2016 and in 2017 it became a not manageable problem. Other terrorist groups hardly have or don’t have at all income out of oil. Like ISIS these terrorists are starving for external funding. Al Nusra, its FSA (‘Free Syrian Army’) and others could be established and flourish because coaxer President Obama supplied and paid them via the Pentagon and the CIA. Also the Wahhabi States provided them with an abundance of money and weapons. President Trump shortly after becoming president shut the funding totally down. Significant contributing to the weakening of these butcher-terrorists.

Main Funding Source Terrorism

So the big question is: Who are financing the terrorists including ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, Boko Haram, Zinky and their affiliates. The terrorists only are able to fight, when huge amounts of money consistently flow in year after year in the nearly six years terrorism wars, totalling towards 50 billion dollars.

According to top US officials, the Washington Post and other newspapers the Wahhabi Gulf States: Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Kuwait and Bahrain are the main Terrorist Sponsors accompanied by Turkey. The latter’s role is since the July 2016 coup unclear. But as explained above also the USA under President Obama significantly supported the terrorists notably with $2,2 billion in weapons and payments (BIRN and OCCRP).

  • Vice-President Joe Biden: “Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, etc. offered hundreds of millions of dollars and tens thousands of tons of weapons to anyone who wanted to fight Syria”. October 2014.
  • General Dempsey, the highest USA military commander, said in a Senate hearing: “I know major Arab allies that fund ISIS”. September 2014.
  • Hillary Clinton: “The governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia are providing financial and logistic support to ISIS”. Email August 2014 revealed in 2016.
  • Washington Post: “Better-armed al-Qaeda and other extremist groups, receipt of more sophisticated weaponry from Sunni states in the Persian Gulf region”. December 2016.

The recorded statements of the Vice-President, the highest military commander of the USA, the email of former Secretary of State and the December 3, 2016 dated information of the Washington Post proof beyond any doubt that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain are the key financiers of the terrorism war in Syria and other countries, from the very beginning. Obama’s administration contributed also substantiall

Beyond any doubts the Wahhabi States supported by President Obama and scretary Clinton instigated the terrorism war in Syria (it has never been a civil war) with their terrorist agents. These countries, their institutions and wealthy citizens are the main financiers of terrorist groups in the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, North and Central Africa and the rest of the world.

Wahhabi Gulf States

For big countries and oil-gas rich countries the earlier mentioned amounts are peanuts. It’s extremely cheap for these nations to use terrorists instead of regular soldiers of any army included those of Middle East countries. And very importantly: There are hardly casualties for terrorism sponsoring countries! This fact is of an enormous political advantage. It has enabled countries to conduct wars as a marketing tool for specific interests, without being held accountable.

The five Wahhabi Gulf States not only provide funding but also weapons, logistical support as well as religious and moral support. They are the leading source of the murderous Wahhabi, Salafi, Taliban and Muslim Brotherhood terrorism in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Abusing the Islam religion for their selfish goals. Aiming to destroy Islam and replace it with Wahhabism driven sects.

Immoral Role Western Politicians

Most politicians don’t like to hear the above, certainly not the Wahhabi Gulf State rulers. It’s an inconvenient truth. That’s why Vice President Biden was forced to apologize. That’s why Senator Lindsey Graham tried to over stem the finger pointing of General Dempsey: “US major allies are funding ISIS”, by saying: “Let’s not taint the Mid-East unfairly” (As if it’s unfair to tell the US Senate that ISIS is funded by major US Gulf State allies). That’s why most politicians ignore the subject or push it aside. The fact is that supporting the Wahhabi Gulf States for (ex-) politicians, like Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Theresa May, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, NeoCons, NeoLibs and the “Deep State” of the USA, is of more importance than any kind of moral responsibility towards destruction and killings of even own citizens. Moreover, the USA, UK, France and Germany deliver weapons to the Wahhabi Gulf States in abundance used against Yemeni. Weaponry of which the USA and UK know that it is partly devoted to the terrorists in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, like those that can shoot down airplanes.

Syria: A Wahhabi Regime Change Target

From the very beginning the Wahhabi Gulf States aimed to violently overthrow the regime of President Bashar Assad in Syria. The Gulf States have been doing the same in Libya and are trying to do it also in Yemen, whatever the human costs of civilians are. Now over 500.000 people have been killed and millions displaced. For Wahhabi, Salafi, Taliban and Muslim Brotherhood followers this is justified. The innocent Muslim and Christian civilians and soldiers are heretic according to the Wahhabi doctrine, because they don’t belong to their sects and therefore can be killed. This is also envisioned for the rest of the world.

Boycott Wahhabi States Gulf States

Stop Funding and Producing of Terrorists

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain need to be forced to stop sponsoring terrorism totally. They refuse to do it voluntarily. They aim to engulf the whole world with terrorist attacks and to rule the Muslim world with their Wahhabi doctrine. Thousands of terrorists are embedded in our countries according to Intelligence Services to create death and destruction. Their madrases have prroduced already tens of millions potential terrorists or at least political violent activists. Spewing out around one million new dangerous Wahhabi adherents.

Om May 17, 2017 President Trump imposed a ban on terrorism funding by the Wahhabi States and demanded correction of the text books used in madrases. The Wahhabi States promised to cooperate. A great achievement of President Trump. However, anyone with knowledge of the Arab culture knows that it is a custom not to keep promises, but to look for other routes to keep up there funding and text books content.
We Human Guardians aim to eliminate peacefully terrorism, its sponsoring and its Wahhabi, Salafi, Brotherhood roots. We call up every day consumers to help us. But only supported a massive amount of supporters of our just started consumer boycotts can force the five Wahhabi terrorist funding and producing countries to stop their horrible actions, abondon the fake-Islam Wahhabi doctrine and do them return to Mohamed’s peaceful Islam

Ton Jacobs

Founder Human Guardians

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