It’s not just ISIS. This is a global jihad with many locations…. Nigeria, Somalia and elsewhere. Where organizations have sworn themselves to kill as many Muslims, Christians and Jews as they can to establish their religious order.

Former US Senator Bob Kerrey
April 2014.

Enough is Enough

Terrorism wars and terrorist attacks have created new holocausts. How is this possible after WWII and Vietnam? Did humanity disappear again? Why are Western mainstream politicians so negligent towards the atrocious ordeals occurring in the Middle East and Africa? Do they have any morality?

The lack of morality and action provoked the founding of the Human Guardians. The Human Guardians aim to engage consumers in eradicating terrorism at home and everywhere else. To demand that Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain bury their murderous Wahhabi ideology and its Terrorism doctrine. So that instigating and sponsoring of terrorism will stop. After all, with no financial and no moral backing terrorists are finished.

To achieve this, we call on the basic human morality of people. Every individual of every religion and ethnicity carries it with him or her. It is not political. It is the true respect and longing for the human as a human being. Refusing to accept the killings and atrocities that terrorists and their sponsors commit. We want to mobilize everybody towards this, together with everybody’s buying power as a consumer. Otherwise these extremely rich Wahhabi States will never stop longing and vying for their goal to enslave the Muslim world and to create fear, hate and civil unrest in our countries. We need to make the Wahhabi States extremely clear that Enough is Enough. Devastating boycotts deliver this!

The Human Guardians is pro-humanity and pro-morality meaning: pro-Islam, pro-Christian, pro-Jew, pro-Hindu, pro-Buddhism and so on.

The Founder

The founder of the ‘Human Guardians’ is Ton Jacobs. He was born in the South East of Holland near the German border, 68 years ago. His father was a coalmine worker. During and after finishing his college education ‘Human Resources and Labour Market Policy’, Ton worked as an employment-, career- and human resources officer and manager. In 1983, he started a management consultancy practice. Since the nineties he advised the bigger companies in The Netherlands.
Ton served as senior manager director in Philips NV, then a multinational with 250.000 employees. Ton has been doing research into the ‘Unchangeable Intellectual DNA’ of countries, companies, people, and jobs for 25 years. He applied it in his management consultancy practice and in Philips in a limited scope. Ton grew up in Holland. He has lived outside of The Netherlands for more than 20 years, in Belgium, Indonesia, Singapore, USA and in Taiwan. He is married, has children and his wife is Sunni Muslim.

Ton Jacobs


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