Dear Human Guardians follower,

We have stopped the project Human Guardians and its website. We experienced that it is impossible to encourage masses to stand up against terrorism and their main creators and backers: The USA, UK, France and Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait as well as Israel. Nowadays hardly hidden anymore by these culprits.

Nevertheless, Western citizens seem to be in a state of mental sedation towards the wide scale gruesome atrocities executed by or on behalf of the elites of these Nations.

Unfortunately, these Fake-Christian, Fake-Jew and Fake-Muslim oligarchic elites and their followers have no idea of the extremely horrifying Hell: Unforgivable and unavoidable awaiting them in their After-Life.

The Twitter account of the Human Guardians will stop on the 1e of August 2018.
The information of all website followers is destroyed.

The team of the Human Guardians is grateful to you for your support to try to achieve Justice in the world.

Ton Jacobs