Governments and Terrorists have killed 1-2 million kids and parents in the Middle East. Viewing these and millions of injured victims as trifling puppets in their power quest. The gruesome terror can be stopped if we consumers massively boycott the roots.

Terrorists are produced in madrasas. Fake-Islam Wahhabi-Salafi and Brotherhood doctrines brainwash millions of youngsters with false Quran interpretations. Teaching that other Muslims, Christians, and others are non-believers and can be killed.

Wahhabi States finance Wahhabi, Salafi, and Brotherhood terrorists with billions. Obeying their paymasters, terrorists started wars in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Africa. Terrorist attacks in our cities are their daily practice.

Goals Human Guardians

  • No killings anymore: Not by terrorists, militants, rebels, or governments. The moral commandment of ‘No Killings’ to be accepted worldwide.
  • Damages to be paid by Wahhabi States and others for the devastation brought to Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, and Central Africa.
  • Eradicate roots and supporting sources of terrorists and militants. Bring to justice Heads of States and officials supporting terrorists and/or regime change.
  • Convince Wahhabi-Salafi and Brotherhood leaders as well as the Wahhabi-States, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Pakistan and Turkey to return to Mohamed’s Islam.

Prophet Mohamed:

"From the Saudi-Wahhabi region (Najd) arises the Horn of Satan. Their trials and tribulations will come like mounting waves."

To achieve these goals the public opinion has to be activated and guided worldwide with relentless marketing campaigns. Heads of State and officials have to envision the perspective of isolation and prosecution personally.

Boycotts of export and import products and services are a strong tool to convince not-following Nations to cooperate. Companies that don’t want to cooperate can also be boycotted and put under extra pressure by shareholders activism.

Wrong translations of the Quran have to be destroyed and replaced by correct translations. Reward the return of wrong editions. Islam scholars are needed to teach the Islam community the right translations of the Quran.

De-radicalization is necessary for 100 million Wahhabi, Salafi, Brotherhood, Wahhabi-Deobandi and alike adherents and their imams. These need to be brought back to Mohamed’s Islam. The Wahhabi States being the main cause for the wrong translations have to bear the costs.

Human Guardians

To Stop the Killings we have to make the Wahhabi Gulf States

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain

Fear for a Collapse of their Economies.

Human Guardians


There are many businesses to boycott. We focus on three economic pillars of the Wahhabi States. Feel free to boycott other ones.
We aim at 50% less passengers for the Wahhabi airlines. It would result in losses exceeding $15 billion.


  • Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Fly Dubai, Saudia, Gulf Air and Kuwait Airways.
  • Minority holdings Etihad: e.g. Jet Airways (India), Virgin Australia and Qatar Airways: e.g. British Airways and LATAM.

Gasoline Brands

  • Kuwait Petroleum: Q8, Q8Easy, OKQ8, Tango and F24.
  • American, European and Asian brands will be asked to stop importing Wahhabi States oil.


  • Loans on Capital market by Wahhabi governments and companies.
  • Company stocks and IPO’s, like Aramco.
  • Unload Wahhabi Investments in Western, Asian, African companies.

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No Killings Anymore

Stop the Killings by Terrorists and Governments.

Boycott the Wahhabi States!

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Eradicating Terrorism 

Russia, Iran and Hezbollah are helping Syria and Iraq successfully to free these of Wahhabi terrorists, like ISIS. These are occupying parts of their territory. The US is playing two hands. So still repugnant.

Unfortunately, eradicating terrorists from a country’s territory doesn’t make these disappear. Terrorists go underground and keep conducting terrorist attacks everywhere, because their supporting sources still exist.

In Libya, Afghanistan and Central African countries terrorists occupy parts of their territory. Removing these hasn’t been very successful. Egypt has a simmering, very difficult to master Brotherhood problem.

Enhancing Terrorism

The roots of terrorism lie in the Wahhabi States, often also the supporting source for terrorists. Wahhabi States’ objective is to replace Mohamed’s Islam with Fake-Islam Wahhabism. Enabling them to enslave the Islam-world.

100 million Wahhabism adherents and alike are educated in madrasas and mosques to become potential terrorists or violent activists. All financed by the Wahhabi States. Their numbers increase with around one million per year.

USA and EU Deep State, the USA military-industrial complex, Neo-Conservatives and Neo-Liberals support Wahhabi-Brotherhood Terrorism in order to achieve world hegemony.

Saudi Arabia Uncovered. The True face of Saudi Arabia.

Vice-Pres. Biden reveals Terrorism Support by Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.